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Bety Majernikova


I would like to shortly present small community of Slovak artists focusing on contemporary jewellery. As bonus, I’ll introduce Slovak surroundings where we perceive creation in contemporary jewellery field maybe little differently compared to west Europe scene. I will present my own creation, initial moments that are affecting my themes selection and the way how I proceed with themes. I’ll try to present the path of young author, who is looking for his own special identity in global world overflowing with information, demonstrating on my own author’s movement presenting my latest collections:
- Small personal gadgets (2005) – Multinational design versus private information, this jewellery collection is inspired by mobile phones, mp3 players, cameras etc… with all gadgets into which we are putting our private information.
- Very personal/Highly useless (2006) – Testing of personal emotion transformation into the art piece. Jewellery collection inspired by strong personal feelings and experiences.
- TV´s (2006) – Looking for the connections between religion and television set. Jewellery collection inspired by forms but also by content of television.
- Bubbles (2007) – Jewellery collection inspired by cartoon bubble and vacuity of these bubbles. It is also kind of ironic allegory of empty talks.
- WRAF (2008) – This collection is dedicated to the crowd of women whose are fighting every day to fulfill unreal criteria setup by our society. Dark critical jewellery collection.
Jewellery creation is my way of artistic statement, materials and technologies are dictated by actual themes.

About me:
Bety K. Majerníková, Slovak jewellery artist, holds one of the first doctor titles in that field in Europe and works as an assistant at the Studio of Metal and jewellery S+M+L_XL at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.
Her original collections often blend opposing influences - for example, contemporary design with national elements. In her creation she is reflecting several themes as global influence, local tendencies, personal interests and public property, all with irony, humor or criticism... She is playing games with pop culture, tenderness, kitsch, and the iconography of feminine beauty.
Maya Nepsinska (curator, art historian Slovakia, 2008)

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